Friday, March 23, 2007

Flabtastic Friday

Well, it's finally Friday. I am looking forward to the weekend. We don't really have any great plans but I still like the thought of not having to get up and go to work. I find dieting a little easier on the weekends, too. I think I am not with the norm on that - I've read that people find the weekend more challenging but for some reason I feel more in control on the weekends, despite the exposure to far more temptations. And I will certainly have a temptation or two this weekend. Tomorrow night is my in-laws' 40th wedding anniversary party. There will be lots of snacks floating around but I am going to make sure that I eat a good meal before I go so that I am not too tempted. I will, however, indulge in at least one coconut shrimp.

Yesterday I went for my walk as planned. It really did lift my spirits and make me feel a little better about everything. This morning I did not get up early and exercise because I was going to make today my "day off" from exercise but I may just crank something out tonight after the kid goes to bed. I like to try and do something substantial on both weekend days so that if I don't get to work out on a week day or two, I'm not a total failure. But I should still try to get a little something in tonight, even if it is just a stretch video. We shall see how I am feeling - I seem to be developing yet another cold of some kind. Itchy throat, coughing, congestion, sneezing - the works. I've never been sick so often until I had a baby. Now we are constantly ill it seems. Wyatt, however, is healthy as a horse and very, very active!

My goal for this week was to hit 170 by Sunday. I am fairly close but probably need to step up the exercise this weekend to get there. I think I will take Wyatt for a long walk/run on at least one of the days. Pushing the jogger adds some significant resistance - at least 40 pounds worth as the kid now weighs around 30. My arms are surely nice and strong, though - once some of this flab is gone I might actually be able to see a muscle or two. Happy Friday to all!

Today's Weight: 171.2
Today' Exercise: Not sure about that just yet - but something!!
Song of the Day: Shout to the Lord

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