Thursday, March 22, 2007

Pizza and Money and Work, Oh My!

This morning I still weighed the same as I did yesterday. I guess that is good - I didn't gain anything AND it makes the loss from the prior day seem more real. Yes, Stephanie, you really do weigh less. Today I am stressing, though, and thoughts of stopping off at the market for some donuts or mini pizzas are bombarding me like crazy.

Whenever I worry excessively or have a serious deadline (both of which are upon me now) I really want to eat. It soothes the beast within, at least for a few minutes. I am freaking out about money lately - it just seems like we can never truly get ahead. We were doing better there for awhile and now we owe taxes and one of our creditors has decided that the payments we were making just weren't good enough and turned us over to collectors. These are the kinds of things that drive me to eat mindlessly or worse. I just don't see how to get out of the mess so what better thing to do than to just try and forget it for a little while. There are so many things to worry about already and then we get hit with this crap. I am just going to try to make it through this day without doing anything stupid or self-defeating.

I brought my walking clothes and shoes with me to work so I can go for a walk later. It is so beautiful here in Lakeside and there are great roads for long walks. Exercise will likely help my frame of mind although I would rather just find solace in chicken strips with sweet and sour sauce, thank you very much.

Another cup of coffee will help right now, I think. And focusing on my work. Sometimes I am not even sure if I want to be a lawyer, but that is another discussion for another day, I suppose.

Today's weight: 171.6
Today's exercise: Walk/Jog
Today's thought: I need to win the lottery as soon as possible

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