Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Sausage Pants Are Loosening Their Death Grip

For months my pants have all fit me like a brutal cloth vise of some kind, squeezing me in all the wrong and somewhat unmentionable places. Finally, I am breathing a littl easier. I can actually wear underwear under my jeans instead of having to eliminate any layer of fabric that may add to my crotch bondage.

The scale, of course, is being incredibly obstinate. Today it said 168.8 or some nonsense like that. I have been downright angelic about my food intake and my exercise. I busted my ass pushing that stroller and squawking kid up those mountains last night and all the thanks I get is 4 lousy tenths of a pound? Hmph. Thank goodness I can feel my pants fitting better or I might throw myself into the comforting embrace of lots of pepperoni pizza (are you sensing a pattern here?) or my newest addiction, cinnamon bears.

Justin is being very supportive and nice, as is everyone else in my life. I appreciate the support but of course I can't help but wonder if they have all been secretly thinking what a fat cow I am and oh thank GOD she has decided to lose some weight, we didn't know if it would ever happen, she has such a pretty face and a great personality, etc. Actually many of my girlfriends and my sister-in-law Em are joining me in the quest for a flatter stomach so - I guess I am not the focal point of all attention as I may like to think that I am. Even Justin is working out every night lately although he still consumes massive mounds of pasta, much to my chagrin (and envy).

So here are my pics for this week. Same outfit, same flabby middle. We figured out a more flattering lighting, though, don't you think? Hopefully by next week we will perhaps see a hint of change!
Today's Weight: 168.8 (Bah!)
Today's Exercise: Walk/Jog in Lakeside
Song of the Day: Higher Ground (Red Hot Chili Peppers)

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