Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A Work In Progress - In Other Words, Don't Laugh

I thought I might be really hesitant about putting a picture of my flabby little body on the world wide web but you know what? I don't really care - seriously. I'm so tired of hiding behind big clothes or hoping that people are not noticing my bulges. With these photos, I can just say, "Yeah, this is me. You don't like it, don't look at me." Besides, I am not putting my photo up to say how fine I am - This is a brutal exercise in facing reality and then doing something to change it. So here I Week 1 photos. Big deal.

I was quite happy to learn this morning that I already weigh less than I thought I did. Only by a few little pounds but still - it made me happy to think that I am that much closer to leaving the 170's behind. Note the jaunty tilt of my hip - that's happiness right there. And a little sass.
When you begin to diet, you really start to notice how often you think about food or even reach for it automatically. For those of you who are moms out there and have tried to lose weight after baby, I'm sure you can relate to the unconscious process of putting goldfish crackers in your mouth. I mean, I have had to stop myself from doing that a number of times today! Right now, my count is about 5 goldfish crackers but those little suckers just slip right in there. And I've decided that my husband needs to take all of the Girlscout cookies to work with him. I don't want them here, calling my name all day and night. "Stephanie... Stephanie...."

I am home today because my daycare provider had to close due to illness and injury, so all I've really done so far is chase my son Wyatt around, try to appease him and remove all dangerous objects from his hands. I told my mom that when I am home with the baby all day I feel like my only task is to keep him from death or serious injury. It is an all day chase - thank goodness that little guy finally fell asleep upstairs after fussing for about 20 minutes. For all my tough talk, I must say that I love him more than anything in the entire world. Look how cute he is.

This morning I did another workout. Today I did Billy Blanks' Basic Taebo. It is only the short, beginning one but I still find it a little challenging. Better than doing nothing, I suppose. I love to see Billy in his shiny blue unitard that for some reason has a cutout in the front so that his teeny tiny black nipples show. I'm just not sure what the point of that is but in any event, we get too see his sweaty chest all up close and personal. Eeew. He's certainly very encouraging, telling me that I can do it and to just keep going and "don't give up." Don't worry, Billy - I've got to keep this up now that I've got an audience (well, my mom and dad, anyway). Wish me luck today as I try to ignore the call of the cookies or the other dreaded temptation that lurks on the kitchen counter - Hot Tamales. I just need to throw all of this crap out, honestly.

Today's Weight: 171.6

Today's Exercise: Taebo (27 minutes)

Today's Discovery: Turkey and hummus on a low carb tortilla (de-lish!)

Song of the Day: Fighter - Christina Aguilera

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