Monday, April 23, 2007

A "Devil Wears Prada" Moment

Remember in the movie "The Devil Wears Prada" when the snooty assistant, Emily, tells Andi that she is "just one stomach flu away from her goal weight"? I know it is sick but I loved that line and this weekend, I actually got to live it. Turns out that there are some positive effects from the stomach flu - I am down to 162.5. Not that I am anywhere near my goal weight but I am certainly closer. Frankly, it was worth the barfing and other unmentionables.

I will post new photos - really, I am not lying, just lazy. Other updates - my blood pressure was 117 / 75 this morning so I am apparently on the BP mend. Diet and exercise always seems to do that - who knew? (Yes, I am being very sarcastic). And I still have my sinus infection so I have made arrangements to see yet another doctor in hopes that he will figure out what is wrong and help a girl out. I can't stand it.

That is all I have for today - work has been insane and I must return to it, pronto.

Today's weight: 162.5
Today's exercise: Nordic track, most likely
Song of the Day: Too tired for music today


Lori said...


Lori said...

Hi Honey,
I love your blog it is always a bright spot in my day. Well it sounds like you are doing great. I just hope this blog encourages you to spend a few minutes a day on writing that long expected book . . :o)
I love you cupcake,
Love, Mommie