Friday, April 20, 2007

Flabbster at Law - Flabby, Esquire - Flabbister

The Good News arrived on Wednesday - we have been in a daze since then. No, I still haven't done my pictures but damn, we are very excited to be lawyers! I am so glad that stupid exam is behind me - never again! Just so you know, Mom and Dad - I am NOT moving again and if I do, I will not be a lawyer because I am never subjecting myself to that sort of torture again.

Now that we are through with the Long Wait, I just don't know what to do with myself! One thing I am not doing is eating mindlessly. Oh and another thing - not gaining weight. In fact - I am down to 165.2 today. I love Lindora - I generally have a loss every day, even if just a bit, and that is extremely motivating for an instant gratification type like me (like most people).

I keep an eye on the scale but I also have a sacred weekly ritual to keep myself motivated - it is the weekly Trying On of the Pants Ritual - I do so love it. I generally always start with my Docker Khakis, then move into the Citizen Jeans (the ultimate goal post). Last night I ventured into some uncharted territory - the Black Old Navy Slacks, the Grey Pinstriped Nortstrom Slacks, the Herberger Dark Wash Jeans, and the Absolutely Favorite Gap Khakis... Now, most were still a little too (gasp!) tight to actually wear but many of them I could get on and button which is a far cry from a few weeks ago. I will be staying with this group for awhile - once I am able to actually wear most of these, I will move into the next Ritual grouping - Killer Nordstrom Sexy Khakis, Darling Tan Levis, etc., until I reach the Final Nirvana Group - Black Ann Taylor Slacks, Linen Ann Taylor Slacks, and some unknown size 6 pant that I have yet to even purchase. I know - I shouldn't get ahead of myself - but I feel really good right now and very set on what I am doing. The positive outlook feels good so - I'll take it! Stay tuned for future updates of the Trying On of the Pants Ritual. I imagine that this next week I am actually going to wear the Docker Khakis and perhaps, if feeling adventurous and sexy, the Herberger Dark Wash Jeans.

The blood pressure is doing better - getting lower with each passing day of a better diet and a bit of exercise. This morning I think it was 139 / 87, which is not perfect, of course, but surely an improvement over last week's most unfortunate and highly alarming 165/104.

When people ask me what I am doing to lose weight, I make sure not to simply say "Lindora." I think that is misleading because although the online stuff with Lindora is helpful and I like their protein bars and shakes better than those I buy in the store, I still think that all I am doing is eating less and moving more. There is no "gimmick" angle to Lindora. It is simply eating small portions of healthy foods that you buy at the grocery (basics - turkey, broccoli, lettuce, tomato, chicken, shrimp, asparagus, etc), doing moderate exercise (walking, jogging, ski machine - 30 to 45 minutes 5 days a week) and keeping track of it all either on paper or in my online Lindora journal. Oh - and drinking 80 oz of water. There is really no magic to it - it's really about discipline and learning other positive ways to help yourself without resorting to overeating. Lindora gives you the stuff to learn, but ultimately, it comes down to YOU - what do you want, a donut right now or a smaller ass in a couple of months? Sometimes it is tough but when I put all those pants on and find them buttoning and zipping, there is something that keeps me from choosing the donut (or potatoes, or pizza or cinnamon bears).

Some people are put off by the whole water intake thing - "Eighty ounces - Oh my God, I can't possibly do that - I'd have to put my office in the bathroom because I would always be in there, blah blah blah..." I can understand some of that because I seem to have a bladder the size of a peanut. When I am doing the water thing, I pee a lot. However, there are some creative ways to deal with all the peeing, one of which I will share with you right now, because I know you are DYING to have my amazing and endlessly interesting insight.

Upon waking up in the morning, I almost always feel fuzzy-headed and my eyelids are so heavy sometimes I need to physically lift them with my fingers to see my way to the bathroom. I stagger down the hall (even my balance is impaired by my semi-comatose state) and feel my way into the bathroom, turning on the shower, my only hope for true consciousness. Before getting in, however, I fill a 34 ounce water bottle with tepid, not cold, water. I bring that bottle into the shower with me and take a long drink - several big gulps. Set it down, wash my hair, rinse. Another big long drink. Set it down, wash my face. Another big long drink. Set it down, wash the body, rinse. Another big long drink. Done with shower, done with almost half of my water intake for the day. I only need drink one more of those over the course of the day and a twelve ounce diet soda and I am SO done.

The benefits of this Water In the Shower Ritual (I am all about rituals today, aren't I?): First of all, I am having a major accomplishment only moments after waking - does it get more positive than that? Second, I will have at least an hour or more in my house to begin the pee release but for some reason, the peeing isn't too terribly bad - perhaps because of the all night drought. (I kind of imagine the water entering my body and my body seeping it up like a big sponge). In any event, peeing in the comfort of my home is always nice and I generally get to work having to pee but then I am not running back and forth to the bathroom as much as I would if I drank all that water that quickly AT work later in the day. Finally, the very best benefit of Water In the Shower - it totally wakes you up. It's better than coffee in that way. Betcha didn't know that, did ya? Mmm hmm. My eyelids are fully lifted by the time I exit my bathroom and begin my day.

Today's weight: 165.2
Today's exercise: Nordic track most likely - it's too cold to take the baby in the jogger!
Song of the Day: Would Not Come - Alanis Morrisette (Where is she now?)

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