Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Good News and the Bad News

Which do you prefer to hear first? I prefer to hear bad news first because then you have a chance to be slightly uplifted after hearing something hideous. But I suppose hearing the good news first can also be a plus because you'll be so happy you don't give a shit about the bad news. Oh, who cares - here is my news today:

Item 1: I HAVE NOT received word as to whether we passed the bar exam. I am PISSED that we have not received such notice yet. It appears that notice was sent by pony express and should be here before fall.

Item 2: I HAVE NOT taken new photos yet but that is only because I've been a bit busy and not because I am hiding. In fact, I can't wait to take new photos because......

Item 3: I am losing weight!! Today I weighed 166. Well it is about time, man. So, I am down 9 pounds and only one pound away from my pre-bar-exam-study-period weight gain. This is good. Nothing is as motivating as seeing that scale move downward. I have been SO dedicated.

Back on the Lindora wagon - Lindora is a great weight loss program if you can get through the first three days. They are the hardest but once you've gotten through it, your body is generally in ketosis and is burning fat for energy. The benefit is, of course, less hunger and faster weight loss. The diet includes protein, fat and carbs and frankly, I don't feel too deprived when I get to eat one of their peanut butter crunch bars. I only buy the bars and the powdered drinks, like hot chocolate and cream of chicken soup. Otherwise I am all on my own eating Lindora "approved" foods in miniscule amounts that, for the moment, satisfy me.

Talk to me in a few weeks - I doubt I will be so cheery after eating turkey breast and broccoli for 40 meals. Its not that the diet doesn't offer variety - I am just a terrible creature of habit and tend to make the same choices over and over. Somehow that makes it all easier for me - takes the choice right out of it. I like predictability and routine, just like an old trail horse. Sleep, oat bag, poop, sleep, oat bag, poop, sleep. My kind of world.

In other news, my sinus infection seems to be improving. Of course I had to pay for another round of antibiotics ($77 dollars, I might add) but I was willing to pay just about anything to be able to breathe again. Oh, and the tooth I thought I might have to have pulled is safe for now. It is the tooth in front of that one that is giving me problems. What do I need? OH, just another root canal and two more crowns. I told the dentist he was insane and we would have to wait until January when my dental insurance coverage for that kind of stuff kicks in. Like he cares - he just moves on to the next mouth full of dollars. Dentists make $$$, but I would expect to make good money, too, if I had to stare into the stinking abyss of a stranger's maw all day.

My blood pressure is apparently off the charts recently - I wonder if it has anything to do with being FAT and under a lot of stress? Ya think? I have been taking it twice a day and it seems to be coming down with each passing day but - eek, it is scary. My mom is all freaked out and warning me about it which is kind of funny considering that I have been badgering her for about, um, 20 years, to worry about / do something about hers. :-) She just loves me, I know - and hey, I don't want to live my life on blood pressure medication worrying about when the big stroke is going to hit, so I am definitely focused on making the proper changes. Don't worry, Mommie.

I will get Justin to take my photos tonight and will post tomorrow. Hopefully we will get the GOOD NEWS tomorrow evening. Maybe I will weigh even less tomorrow.

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Lori said...

Hi my sweet baby, I am so proud of you that you have stuck to this diet through all of your stressful times. Keep up the good work. Also, at 60 I think I deserve a little weight. Well OK way too much weight. But I always consider it my winter coat. And anyway I'm officially in my golden years. Love Mommie