Friday, May 4, 2007


Hello - I'm back. I've been away too long... I had a minor freak out last week. Remember I was so happy because I was down to, like, 162.5 right after I was sick? Well, of course the weight came back once I actually hydrated myself so I was back at 164-ish which wasn't so bad but then something awful happened that threw me off track for a few days. Yes - I was overcome by TEMPTATION. I was tempted by the evil snacks - the cheddar flavored Quaker snack bag that includes pretzels, rice chex and those little brown squares that I love love love. I was traveling to Idaho with some guys from church. It started innocently enough with me eating a piece of jerky (it's protein, man) and then a couple of nuts but then - hello! Bob brought out this giant Quaker Snack Pack and it was all over. Not only did he have that bag - he had TWO, I tell you. I completely lost myself and was obsessed for the rest of the night with eating as many snacks as I could. It didn't help that the other guy, Ernie, was also having a snack attack. We really went for it - well, at least I had fun with Ernie. And he introduced me to the amazing Doritos jalepeno cheese crackers. Thanks A LOT, Ernie. Now I have something new to crave!

So - I weighed 165 again by Sunday but you know what? I am back to 162 (legitimately this time) and I feel pretty darned good. So - below are my pictures from last week as well as ones from this week. Last week I am wearing the awful grey velour cozy pants and feeling really fat and gross. The newer pictures are better and hey! I am wearing my Citizen jeans - now, they are certainly too tight to actually wear around just yet (I get the famous "muffin top" still) but in about ten pounds I am going to be fabulous in my jeans! And yes, I realize how gigantic my boobs look - how gigantic my boobs ARE - but they too will shrink as I continue to lose. It seems to be the last place I lose - there, and my chubby arms. Oh well - at least I don't look like THIS anymore (see below). This was pre-Stark Raving Flab. Post baby by about 3 months - I was still around 200, I think. My advice to all - try not to be totally obese when you become knocked up - it is no fun. But seeing this picture really makes it obvious to me how far I have progressed. Okay - don't be scared...

Now - here are my newer pics. Not perfect, but not THAT, thank God.

Definitely on my way to being WAY cuter! Have a fab weekend...

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