Tuesday, June 26, 2007

That Good Ol' Barfy Feeling

So last night Justin and I did the first DVD in our new workout series, P90X. Actually, we did 2 of them because the instructions said to do Chest & Back and also do the Ab Ripper X. We did. And we almost died.

Our asses were totally kicked and our arms and abs gave out several times. I almost threw up at one time, I felt so overwhelmed. I really tried not to overdo it but for me, that doesn't take much, ya know? So tonight we are supposed to do the Plyometrics DVD. I am very afraid. I am not good at jumping around for long periods of time and my boobs are really not up to the task because I still have not found a great sports bra. Edit - I have not LOOKED FOR or PURCHASED a new sports bra. I'm sure I've found plenty but was too cheap or too broke to purchase. So I will likely be jumping around tonight holding the rack in my hands.

Hopefully I will complete the week in one piece. I will probably be glad when I get to go have my nose operated on next week because it will mean a slight break in my workout schedule. Justin said "no way - I expect you to work out as soon as you get back from the hospital." He was kidding, of course. Gotta run now. Get home and eat so I can barf it out later when I do "plyometrics."

Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Birthday To Me - Thirteen Pounds of Success

It's been eons since I posted last... Well, only about a month but it seems like eons. The deadline for my weight loss transformation has come and alas, I am only thirteen pounds lighter than when I started.

Some might say this is not a great deal of weight, I should have lost more in 3 months, etc. Others would say it is a great acheivement and root me on to continue losing more over the next few months. I think I will go with the latter - I'm feeling positive today. After all, it IS my birthday.

I am frustrated with my weight loss diet - I have discovered that I just don't want some big meal at night. What would truly make me happy and satisfy me totally is a bowl of cereal. That is all I want. But since I have been low-carbing it, I haven't really been able to freely have a bowl of cereal in the evening. And I am not talking about wanting a giant punch bowl of cereal covered with sugar - I just want a midsize ramekin with some Splenda, please. Justin wants to eat pasta, meats, vegetables, salads - he really goes for it at night. Me, I'd take the cereal over all of that stuff.

I think I am going to try doing that - eating low carby all day and then just HAVING that bowl of cereal at night. With milk I doubt I am going to go over 400 calories and probably 50 or 60 carbs. If I keep it under 100 carbs a day, that is pretty damned good. Plus - PLUS - we will be working out at night. Justin doesn't know it yet but I got him an awesome workout DVD series that is going to kick his butt and mine. And we are going to do it together. My progress is going to be interrupted in a couple of weeks, unfortunately, because I am having that dreadful surgery on my nose but we can go for it in the meantime and he can keep doing it when I am down with the surgery.

I must recommit now to this weight loss thing - yet again. Turns out I've got a class reunion in September so - I am truly inspired now. Gotta look good for all those people who don't give a rat's ass about me - that's important! You would think I would be movitated to lose by my own health or the urge to play with my son or wear a bikini - No, I just need to think of myself at my class reunion with chubby arms and a size 12 dress and hey - I am motivated! I will be posting new photos soon - Let me get started again after my birthday cake, cinnamon rolls, etc. and then I will post some gorgeous photos for comparison....

Incidentally, my sister-in-law Emily gave me some new jeans for my birthday. These jeans are very hot but incredibly small. Now I have something new to try and cram my ass into. Thank you, Emily!