Tuesday, June 26, 2007

That Good Ol' Barfy Feeling

So last night Justin and I did the first DVD in our new workout series, P90X. Actually, we did 2 of them because the instructions said to do Chest & Back and also do the Ab Ripper X. We did. And we almost died.

Our asses were totally kicked and our arms and abs gave out several times. I almost threw up at one time, I felt so overwhelmed. I really tried not to overdo it but for me, that doesn't take much, ya know? So tonight we are supposed to do the Plyometrics DVD. I am very afraid. I am not good at jumping around for long periods of time and my boobs are really not up to the task because I still have not found a great sports bra. Edit - I have not LOOKED FOR or PURCHASED a new sports bra. I'm sure I've found plenty but was too cheap or too broke to purchase. So I will likely be jumping around tonight holding the rack in my hands.

Hopefully I will complete the week in one piece. I will probably be glad when I get to go have my nose operated on next week because it will mean a slight break in my workout schedule. Justin said "no way - I expect you to work out as soon as you get back from the hospital." He was kidding, of course. Gotta run now. Get home and eat so I can barf it out later when I do "plyometrics."

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