Monday, July 2, 2007

Oh Goody, Surgery!

Tomorrow is my big deviated septum surgery. Thank GOD I will be asleep while various people shove long and torturous instruments up my schnozz, breaking it and moving the middle part around into perfect alignment. THEN comes the real fun - I am also having a "Maxillary Antrostomy" and an "Anterior Ethmoidectomy." Yeah, basically that means scraping a bunch of crusty crap from my sinus passages. I am not looking forward to this AT ALL. However, there is one bright light of hope shining through the terror and misery... I won't have to do those dreadful P90X workout DVD's for a few days.

Last night we did the Legs & Back DVD, as well as "Ab Ripper." Again, I almost fainted dead away. I felt totally barfy. BUT - get this - I was able to do a few of the abdominal exercises that I was not able to do last week. I must be doing something right. Anyway - I am taking a brief break from exercise until my doctor says I can do it. Then - I have really got to get serious about this shit. My reunion is in two months for God's sake. I cannot show up looking like a bloated water buffalo. And that is about what I feel like these days.

Wish me luck as I endeavor to have my proboscis probed. I will write later this week - maybe with a photo of my nose, which will be stuffed with "packing" that one person described to me as having two giant tampons up your nose. OMG - I am feeling faint again.

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