Saturday, July 28, 2007

Preparations Are Underway for the FAST...

Well, I've definitely decided to do a fast - a juice fast, which I have now learned is actually referred to as a liquetarian diet or "modified" fast but you know, not the REAL, hard core you will most likely die kind of fast that Ghandi embarked on. I think I'll start a little lighter than that. I'm going with the fresh juice fast that will detox my bod. That whole detoxification thing scares me a bit. Dude, am I just going to have massive diarrhea for two weeks for what? Ugh.

So - I've got two great books I've been reading AND I finally broke down and bought a juicer off of Amazon that should be here by Tuesday or Wednesday. I bought a Breville, which I hear is a pretty good one. I am currently winding myself down into a sort of pre-fast thing. Over the next few days I am eliminating coffee, sugar, and as we get closer to Tuesday/Wednesday - the beloved bread. I am only slightly bummed about missing some of these things but a part of me would love to be free of my total dependence on them. And I have really been enjoying the fruit lately - good thing, since that is about all I will be ingesting here shortly - in its most fiberless form, no less.

I don't know exactly how long I will be on my juice fast. Certainly longer than 3 days but probably not more than 10 to 15 days. We are leaving for vacation on August 15 and though I think I can stick to a post-fast diet of smoothies and veggies and broths, I don't think I will be dragging my juicer along with me. Nice thing is, I can do another one later if I want to.

I haven't told anyone about this (other than my husband and my mom) because I don't want a bunch of negative pressure and bullshit from people. My motivation - to get closer to God and hear His plan for me - is very pure and simple. I don't need people trying to throw me off course with all their fears and worries and naysaying.

I will keep a log here of each day of my fast - I know I will need somewhere to write what I am going through. Parts of this are going to be hard but I truly believe that God will speak to me if I can just get quiet enough. Away from the distractions of this world! I won't be watching TV during this time, either! Must quiet the mind!

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