Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Countdown Begins...

So we are back from vacation and I think my weight is still okay but I am sure I must have gained a pound or two. Oh well - I am now on my quest to look as fabulous as possible by September 15 - my 20 year class reunion. Oh shit - that is only about 3.5 weeks. Since I can't possibly lose 20 pounds, I guess my goal will just be to look and feel as great as I can. BTW - a comment asked how much weight I lost on my juice fast - I lost about 8 pounds in 10 days. The nice thing was - I felt great most of the time. I am going to do another one here shortly but probably only a 7 day. The 10 days was a stretch for me, at least right now.

Vacation was good - stressful, but good. My husband is such a stress case - honestly, we had some difficult times while we were away and much of it was due to his timetables and "plans" on how things were going to go. I was nearly driven to the brink of insanity a few times - we had "words" several times as well. Despite all of his nervous nellie tendencies, we were able to show Wyatt an amazing time - the ocean, a discovery musuem, Sonoma's Train Town, the Oakland Zoo - it was a very full vacation. And hey - he won't remember any of it! We had a lot of fun, though, just watching him have fun.

I will have to post some new photos soon. My fans have been asking for them. :-) Tonight Justin and I are starting the whole "P-90X" workout series again. Perhaps I will allow him to take some new pics of me for the website. I will try to wear something flattering and hope that my gut is not puffing out due to my womanly times. I am sure I will look lovely. We got a video camera and I have had the great pleasure of seeing my fat ass on tape. Here I think I am looking okay and then I see myself and OMG - yuck. I've got work to do. If you want motivation to lose weight, watch yourself (in an outfit that you think you look great in) on video. You will be inspired, I promise.

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