Friday, August 10, 2007

Day 10: The End Is In Sight...Thank God!

Today I am very hungry. The juice isn't doing much to calm the roar. Neither is the water. I am still able to focus and work but jeez, I am ready to eat something soon. I am going to hold out until Sunday evening, as planned. I know I can do it - every day I think I can't go on another day and then I do. It is amazing how that works. Thanks, God!!

Last night I was feeling pretty hungry and so I juiced a bunch of tomatoes and heated it up. I added a little spice (and some garlic salt - sorry, militant hippie juicers) and man, that was excellent. I love tomato soup in general (Campbell's with milk, of course) but this was pretty different. Anyway - I did that a week or so ago and added two little cucumbers - that was good, too. I think tonight I will drink some miso broth that I bought at the health food store last weekend. I strain it, of course, so as not to actually ingest one of those crusty little dried onion things. It is a fast from solid food, after all. Whatever. I am almost done with all this craziness.

No brilliant observations today - I am too busy at work. I am going to motor through the weekend and will post upon the breaking of the fast on Sunday night. Until then - juice on.

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