Thursday, August 2, 2007

Day Two of Juice Fast: Still Feeling Good

I went to bed last night pretty hungry (and mad at my husband who was being nasty for no good reason at all). I decided not to drink a bunch of juice before I went to bed as I knew that would cause me to have to get up and pee several times in the night or even worse, do that thing where you wake up, know you have to pee really bad, but try to ignore it and end up awake half the night when really, you should have just gotten your lazy ass out of bed and peed so you could sleep peacefully. I do it all the time and don't recommend it.

This morning I juiced 4 apples and two carrots - drank it down and also had a small water bottle (you know, the 16.9 oz basic). Again, a lot of pee. Then, I juiced two grapefruit and an apple for my sustenance throughout the day. I brought two travel mugs filled with my concoction. They are currently stowed away in the fridge and hopefully not "oxidizing" which is apparently a bad thing in the world of juicing. Me, I don't care so much if the juice turns brown. It still tastes good - I guess it is just not "alive" as the die hard wacko hippie juicers say. Whatever, man.

Otherwise, I feel alright. I DO have a terrible headache but I still think that is due to my caffeine withdrawals - I am on day 3 of no caffeine. Frankly, I am pretty proud of that.

I have noticed how hard it is to keep my fingers out of my mouth when I am preparing food for my son. Last night was a true exercise in watching myself and I STILL ended up sticking a refried-bean covered finger in my mouth - whoops! Habit, but wow - I never realized how much I do that. Also, the smell of food is hard on me but I just try to get away from it and think about something else. And pray. Been doing a lot of that.

Tomorrow I may have some awful news as my body enters "detoxification." The hippies say this is a bad time where you might feel awful, have headaches, nausea, backaches, etc. Sounds thrilling, doesn't it? I 'll keep everyone posted.

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