Wednesday, August 1, 2007

In the Beginning...There was Juice

It is Day One of my juice fast. It is noon - I feel fine. I've had two glasses of juice - made with my fabulous new Breville juicer. OMG - I love that thing. So easy to use and clean.

So this morning I just threw a pear, a nectarine, a few random pieces of apple and nectarine that I had sitting around, and maybe a carrot? I can't even remember - I was so enthralled by the Breville. Brought some of my juice in a dark, chilled thermos to work. Word to the un-wise here - don't fill the thermos to the top because the juice separates and gets all thick and weird at the top so I couldn't even shake the thermos to mix it up. Had to pour a little of bottom liquid out, shake it, then put the liquid back in. Weird. I'm sure I'll be learning a lot about juicing here over the next weeks.

I plan to break the fast on the evening of Tuesday, August 14. We are leaving for a vacation that next morning so it would be hard to fast but I am going to make all efforts to maintain a healthy diet for the majority of my vacation. BALANCE. BALANCE. BALANCE.

I drove to work without the radio or a CD this morning. I am trying to make solitude part of my fast. I mean, if I am trying to hear God, I guess I'd better turn all the noise in my life off. That probably includes keeping my own mouth shut as much as possible. And no TV - that will be hard but I almost feel relieved at not having to watch.

I have to go see the nose doctor again today for my final nose sucking. Ugh. When I write tomorrow, I will have made it through a whole day of my fast. Yay!

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