Monday, October 15, 2007

Back From the Almost Two Month Eating Party

Well, I had to come back eventually. I mean, what can a girl do when she runs out of pants to wear? It hasn't been that bad, really - I have just been obsessed with a multitude of different things as of late (food and excessive snacking included) and have been absolutely horrible about my blogging obligations. So sue me.

Without any further adieu (or bullshit), I am here to say that I have gone back on my diet of diets, my fail safe, Lindora. You can read all about it at I am not going into long-winded explanation except to say that I know this diet WORKS if I follow it and don't allow myself to be influenced the the evil pull of emotional eating. It is very simple diet and I know exactly how to do it so - I have no real excuses this time. The first time I did Lindora I lost about 40 pounds, but gained it back very quickly. Stress eating is no way to follow up a rapid weight loss, okay? The next time I did it, I had just had Wyatt and I lost about 20 pounds, which I have since kept off. I am now bouncing back and forth between 160 and 165, a place that my body seems immensely comfortable. I just can't stay here anymore.

I look around and I see so many moms who have just let themselves go. But I also see some moms who look fabulous, and it is not because they have trainers and cooks or incredibly high metabolisms or just happen to have gotten that "skinny" gene we all wish we had (well, maybe ONE of my girlfriends qualifies there). They look good because they work at it. They don't sit on the couch stuffing animal crackers in their mouths. They don't eat mountains of pasta and then complain that they are too tired to work out. They don't try to find every excuse in the book to avoid sweating. They eat well and they exercise. No matter what. I don't harbor ill feelings toward moms who look good - they deserve it because they DO it. It doesn't just happen to them.

So clearly my goal is to be one of these moms. I want to be a hot mama. Actually, what I really want is to be comfortable in my skin, which I am currently not and have not been for a long time. Thirty pounds is all that stands between me and hot mom status. Then, I am going to get pregnant and have to lose it all again but starting 45 pounds lighter than I did last time will definitely help me get back in shape faster. Yay - of course I feel cheerful today - I just started. There will be bummer days I am sure but I am committing to do this. What is ten weeks, anyway? If I am not happy at the end I can always go back to being a slovenly fat ass.

Oooh and BTW - I got Hip Hop Abs - it's a DVD workout series, for those who are not in the know. I can't wait to try it. Of course I am trying it tonight for the first time. It looks fun and like the time will go by quickly. I will post tomorrow and give a full report.

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