Thursday, October 25, 2007

Body, Get OVER It...NOW

I am officially pissed off at my body. It has been days, I tell you, DAYS - and my body still refused to drop below 160. It's 160.5, then it's 160.6 and today it was 160.4. This is getting ridiculous - I am working out every night, dieting (and actually being GOOD and not cheating) and drinking a fantastic amount of water. My reward? Nada. Okay, a little bit looser pants. BFD - I want more.

The frustration gets tough, but I have been very good about saying to myself, "just keep going - it can't hang on forever, it will eventually drop" but the childish baby part of me screams, "Damn it, I am so deprived and I get NO payoff at all - I want to eat animal crackers in massive quantities!" But I don't. It's diet pudding or diet hot chocolate - that's my treat nowadays. I have to admit - it is not that bad. I look forward to it, really.

Anyway - I continue the quest. Tomorrow is Friday - another work week completed. By next Monday it will be two weeks. I've lost approximately 6 pounds. That's not bad, I suppose. But I want to be a size 6 tomorrow, damn it.

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