Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Edging Closer

Today the scale said 160.4 - yay! I am getting so close to being in the 150's, I can almost taste it. I hope it tastes really good - and salty, because God knows I am craving the SALT. Last night I ate two green olives stuffed with jalapenos just to appease the salt urge. I actually wanted to just drink the olive juice/brine in the jar but I abstained lest I blow up into a sodium-filled blimp.

Last night's HHA was great - I am an official booty shaker. I am a little sore lately - mostly my hamstrings and abs. It feels good, though - I swear I can feel myself getting more in shape. I am not getting out of breath anymore when I climb the stairs to my office, anyway.

So not too much to report today. And isn't that a cutie picture of me and my baby? I love my boy - I have to remember that I am doing this for him, too - and the child I hope to have by late next year. I want to be an active and fit mama. And hot, too, of course.

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