Monday, October 29, 2007

Up and Down - Like My Moods...

All was great on Saturday when I woke up to find I'd lost another pound and was at 158.4. It was even fine on Sunday morning when I woke up at 158.4 (because really, how could I expect to lose weight when I ate CHEESE the night before?) But after a long and extremely stressful day yesterday during which I ate very well and even ignored a stack of potato chips, I got up this morning and weighed 159.0. WTF? Again, I am convinced it is a poop that is causing this unsettling movement in the wrong direction. SO - once I got over my childish anger, I drank down my liquid fiber and hopefully by tomorrow, I will be free of this thing that is blocking my way to a svelte and fabulous body.

Yesterday was not too fun - My husband decided we were going on a "drive" with his family. That usually entails me and his mom crammed in the backseat of our truck with my son's carseat in the middle while Justin and his Dad get to ride in the front, oblivious to our plight and randomly rolling their eyes or clucking their tongues at our occasional comments about slowing down or asking if we are "almost there." That's pretty much how it was yesterday, except my husband also had the bright idea of putting the portable DVD player on the back of the passenger seat so my son could watch the Wiggles to his heart's content. Now, it did make my son happier, but imagine having the Wiggles all up in your grill for well over 5 hours in the car. Yeah, I was not feeling to happy about that. I love his parents and do not have one of those testy relationships with my MIL, but these road trip things are going to be left to the boys in the future. I STILL have a headache. My MIL agrees that we are letting them all go next time and we will stay home. I told her I would have rather been home cleaning for God's sake. You know I am unhappy when I say something like that.

Tomorrow is another day and hopefully I will have some better news on my weight but hey, I did wear some pants I haven't worn in eons to church yesterday. They were tight but dammit, if I can get them on, I am wearing them. Be gone, ugly Target mom jeans!

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