Friday, October 26, 2007

Whoo Hoo!

Well, my body finally gave in and lost a pound. I am now, officially, at 159.4. It is about damned time. I am happy - I feel much better about my progress. Isn't that kind of stupid, how big a difference one dumb pound makes? But it does - and I am like a little kid who finally got the ice cream he has been screaming for - satisified for the moment!

The weekend is upon me - I seem to struggle more on the weekends, I guess because there is more free time and more family-type stress, the kind of stress that makes me want to eat large quantities of salty foods. Hmmm - must avoid that at all costs. We are going to a Halloween party on Saturday night so I must be sure to eat a good meal before we go - and exercise.

I have been very good about the exercise. Even though I totally don't want to do it, I am doing it. And I generally have fun while dancing around, shaking my butt and giving some diva attitude (Sean T, the instructor of HHA, encourages such behavior) and before I know it, the DVD is over and I am free to go do what I want, which is usually to reward myself with some diet pudding. I am still on the food reward system but this particular treat is helping me, not hindering me! I hope to see more weight loss by Monday - I know I can do it.

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