Friday, November 2, 2007

Another Drop, Another Weekend Upon Me

It's Friday and damn, I am happy about that. Not that work has been a drama lately - it hasn't been too bad. Busy, but not AWFUL. Busy is actually good - it makes the time go by much faster, getting me home and into my bed faster, which is really where I would like to just stay most of the time. That sounds depressing, but really, I am not depressed. Just lazy.

So I am now at 157.6. Yay - got beyond that dreaded 158.4 - for days and days it was 158.4. I'm not sure why the bod is being so resistant to dropping but I read a few things last night that made me think that perhaps I am not eating enough food, which is causing my body to resist losing. On Lindora, you eat less than 1,000 calories per day - and some days, I would say I end up around 750 or 800, which I know is not especially healthy but man, the diet usually works. However, with such resistance to loss, I am thinking I need more. For instance - was it totally bizarre that I finally broke that plateau of 158.4 when I ate a bunch of candy the night before? Or that I lost again by adding more protein snacks yesterday? I am going to try adding a bit more protein to my meals, trying to get myself to at least 1,000. We'll see how that works this weekend and if it is no good, I can always go back. Something tells me this will work, though. I am doing a lot of working out and that increases the caloric need so - even at 1200 - 1400, I should still be losing weight. It's an experiment...results TBA.

Tomorrow is Justin's b. day (36th) and we are all going out to dinner, which should be fun but somehow, all family "fun" events have a certain amount of stress involved. I am going to try and be relaxed, despite the fact that I will have to watch everyone else indulge in pizza and other outrageously fattening pub food. We are going to Tamarack Brewery in Lakeside, which is a new joint. I've been there for lunch and it is fabulous - even the chicken breast and side salad were delightful so - it is totally do-able, diet-wise. Now if only I can manage my stress around handling the toddler at a restaurant, I will survive easily. Nobody ever told me that when you have kids, you will probably not want to eat at restaurants anymore. Oh, the calamity.

A fabulous weekend to all.

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