Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Let's Just STOP With the Excuses

I am stalled out at 155.4, it seems. Now, I s'pose I could use the old "my period is due" excuse, but I hate it when I hear women using that as an excuse for weight gain or even weight stall, as if just because your period is imminent, you've suddenly blown up into one of those giant balloon creatures (usually an ape or a loaf of bread, in these parts) you see flying from the roofs of used car lots. I hate it when I read comments on other weight loss blogs that say things like, "I gained five pounds this must be because my period is coming," or "I weighed six pounds more than I did yesterday - it must be that my period is coming." Whatever, ladies.

I get so frustrated by reading other people's excuses for their inability to lose weight, depsite the fact that I've probably used every one of those excuses myself at some point or another. One of my favorites is "I just don't have time to exercise." Really? Do you have time to DIE? Because that is what is going to happen to you if you don't lose some damned weight and get healthy. You know, I don't really "have time," either, if I am not willing to haul my lazy ass out of bed in the morning before the kid wakes up or pry myself from the television in the evening when the babe has gone to bed. Or wait - "Obesity just runs in my family." Yeah, why not break the cycle? What are they saying really? Fat people create little fat people that become adult fat people? Okay, so - stop being fat! DO something about it - stop talking about it, for God's sake and change it.

I'm not saying it is EASY to change or that it is a simple process to go from fat to healthy. It takes hard work, planning ahead, and above all, discipline. I've been watching "The Biggest Loser" lately and man, I just love that show. Those people work their asses off to lose that weight and yes, they are in a special situation and have special food and doctors and all that but you know what? They are still the ones doing the work amazingly, when someone gets kicked off and they show them several months later, they have all kept up their quest to lose weight and become healthy. They realized how UNhappy they were and how it was affecting their lives and they decided to change their lives, not just their weight. It's incredible, really.

On a final note, I hate it when I hear an obese person say, "I am happy this way," or "I accept that this is who I am." I do not believe they are happy and that if they were truly introspective and examined their lives and relationships, they would realize that they are not happy at all. It is one thing to accept your current state and learn to be patient as you make healthy changes but it is another thing entirely to say that you accept that the fat you is "who you are." Your body is not who you are - what is inside is who you are. But your body is an extension of you and a billboard to the world that says, "this is what I think of myself - I am not worth anything more."

I just wish more people thought better of themselves and knew that they deserve so much more than living in a fat, unhealthy body that makes them hate themselves even more. It is such a nasty cycle. However, once you decide that you deserve better and that you're not going to do this to yourself anymore, it is amazingly liberating. Through my decision to change, I realized that I don't have to hate myself anymore and that I don't have to do hateful things to myself anymore (like intentionally overeat garbage foods to make myself fat, abuse drugs and alcohol, and other self-abusive behaviors). I have a choice - it is not just "something I do." And that knowledge is helping me reach my goals, little by little.

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amma15 said...

I love this post! I'm adding you to my blogroll. I admit I actually used the period excuse at my last weigh in, I was 1 pound more than then previous weigh-in.

"I hate it when I hear an obese person say, "I am happy this way," or "I accept that this is who I am." I do not believe they are happy "

I completely agree with you here!!!!