Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A New Look...

Not that anybody actually reads my blog other than me and my mom, but I thought I might change it up a bit, spread out the words so nobody is having to read these long, skinny entries that go on for miles. Now, my entries will be much fatter, spreading across the page. And they will be backed up by a hot red and pink theme. I love red and pink.

After all of my glowing statements in my last entry, it turns out that I gained a bit yesterday but truly - only a bit. From 155.2 to 155.4. I might just have to gain a little to get my metabolism back into the flow of things but oh well - my pants are still loose, so there. And frankly, if I gain a half pound because I am eating more vegetables and protein, I am not too worried about it. Eventually, by abstaining from pizza, pasta and cinnamon bears and by working my ass off while working out, my body will be FORCED to drop pounds. It will just have to happen, no question.

I don't have much else to share about today. I've been thinking of some cool topics to write about here so that every entry is not just about what I ate yesterday and how much I weigh. That might be a nice change and would get me actually doing some real writing, instead of wasting all of my amazing insight and words of wisdom commenting on other people's blogs. So I am working on my list of topics - that is the extent of my writing for now. Check back later for further details - I'm sure you are just breathless with anticipation.

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