Friday, November 9, 2007

Ten Pounds of Blubber GONE

Today I weighed in at 155.8. So, since my most recent spurt of weight loss (or my decision about monumental proportions - see Oct 30 post) I have lost 10.2 pounds - Yay! It has been about a month - that is a pretty good loss for a month, though I think the few pounds were water weight! Oh well - I am feeling good and still losing and that is what is important, right?

Going into another weekend - will try not to lose mind with stress. Tomorrow I am going to go shopping and out to dinner with a group of women - all lawyers. It will be a blast - my friend Santana is coming and she is such a fun person. I stopped by her office this week to visit with her and we were like two school girls acting silly and giggling. Even though I am 38, I still enjoy acting like a child A LOT. So I should have a good time with the chicks tomorrow night, though I will have to be careful when they bring the dessert tray at dinner, lest I spring at it and shovel all of the sweet bits into my gaping maw.

Last night we went to a social event in the town where my husband works, Columbia Falls. It was really fun and I enjoyed socializing with a bunch of people I don't know at all. I particularly enjoyed visiting with my husband's boss, Eric and his wife, Mary. They are very nice people and Eric is a real character. The food was somewhat lackluster, but I did managed to snag a bunch of ham and turkey pieces - and (gasp!) I ate a piece of cheese. Also had a bite of a lemon bar and a bite of an awful eggroll that I suspect was filled with long shoots of dry grass. Oh - it was so NOT worth the calories. Anyway - we met a lot of cool people - a few really weird ones.

There were a number of drunks wandering around, clutching their free wine and beer, sweating and slurring, and just being downright LOUD. Justin said he didn't notice but it's just because he is not a drunk. Whenever we meet a drunk or I scope one out I tell Justin - "He/she is one of my people." Drunks always recognize other drunks - I recognize them wherever I go. Like gay people can always pick each other out. We drunks just seem to send out a signal to all other drunks - actually, I think we just easily recognize and relate to the silent desperation emanating from an active drunk. It is highly depressing for me to see that and just reminds me of what is sleeping inside of me and how it can still wake up on occasion and make me feel (and look) like a complete idiot loser. Wow - did I just say all of that? Hmmm - reflections.

I've been doing a lot of reflecting lately. Succeeding in my weight loss and feeling good about myself has brought a lot of other issues and feelings to the surface that I was not expecting. But that is going to have to be for another day, another post. I must go eat my chicken and spinach now. Spinach is wonderful, you know - Popeye had it right, although my forearms have not expanded into gigantic pillow-like balloons just yet.

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