Monday, December 10, 2007


I have been gone for too long - really. Caught up in life, work, and personal drama. It is like coming up from the depths of some really deep water - I feel like I am just under the surface, pushing toward the daylight, moving up slowly, slowly. Well, without going into a long and sordid account of the past, what, TEN or TWELVE days, let me just say that I am back, returning to feeling somewhat normal, and ready to continue my weight loss.

I weighed in this morning at 150.8. I am amazed that with all of the crap I pulled in the past two weeks or so that my weight is anywhere near 150 pounds but alas, it IS. I'm telling you - it's the exercise. I also found that despite some poor choices around food, I still made some very good choices (sandwich without cheese or mayo, 80+ oz of water a day, only eating when hungry) and I am sure that had something to do with the minimized damage. It gives me hope that once I lose the rest of the weight (only 15 to go, I can't believe it), I will actually be able to STAY there and continue to maintain a mostly healthy lifestyle.

Thanks to the folks who have been dropping by and leaving comments. Isn't it funny how seeing that someone else is reading your shit actually makes you want to do good? It is like having a little rah-rah injection when I see that someone actually took a moment to give me a comment. So thanks - I drop by a lot of other blogs and try to comment on them (perhaps comment too much on some of them!!). I find that it really helps me stay connected, although I have been BAD BAD the past few weeks about doing anything on the internet, other than blazing through my inbox when I got five minutes. So the gist of this highly random paragraph was just to say thank you and I appreciate your kind words, all of ya.

We are leaving for vacation next week - or should I say, we are leaving to stay with my parents next week for the Christmas holiday. It is rare that I feel I am on "vacation" when at my parents house because the stress quotient is so high. And it isn't always my parents causing the problem - my husband becomes the main source of stress for me. I just need to chill - see, I am already worried about it and it is still over a week away. My goal will be to try and be calm and not eat everything that is not nailed down. No - my goal will be to just relax and maintain. I am trying to drop 1 or 2 pounds before we go and then want to make sure I exercise each day that I am home. At least I can bring the Hip Hop Abs along - yay! I am sure my 72 year old Dad is going to love listening to Shaun T tell us all to "smack dat." Better yet, I am sure my Dad will try to DO the smack dat. He is such an overachiever, he is.

I hope we all have a great week - viva la weight loss!!


amma15 said...

Yayy you finall updated. Yea I totally know what you mean about peoople reading and commenting, you feel like you have someone to stay accounted for andyou don't want to disappoint's the same for me.

Hip hop abs? how's it working? I purchased it while in grad school and did it probably 5 times before i quit, I just wasn't feeling it, it wasn't doin ganything for me really. You should put one of those weight tracker things on your blog

STF Stephanie said...

Hip Hop Abs ROCKS - I love it. I am now considering a new purchase - Turbo Jam! I hear it is fabulous and I love cardio kickboxing and I need something else to jam through this last 15 pounds. Hip Hop Abs, along with very consistent dieting, took off 15 pounds in 1.5 months. That is pretty awesome results, I think. So amma15, get out the HHA and do yourself some diva swirls and party bouncing. Go girl!

amma15 said...

Let me know how the turbo jam goes, I'm pretty big on tae bo!

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