Monday, February 4, 2008

Watching My Weight - A New Experience

So I gave into the blatant consumer-hazing message of Weight Watchers and decided to "stop dieting and start living." And you know what? I'm doin' all right with this points business.

I figured what the hell - it's the last 15 (or SO) and I've never tried it and my sister-in-law belongs and she likes it and damn, I was bored as hell with my other diet so why not? And it's cheap - and I don't have to buy any special foods. You can just shop at the regular store, buy regular food and just keep track of points. I did, however, purchase some of their little carrot cake things that are about the size of one of those pink erasers you used in grade school and must say - not bad for a two-bite, one point eraser. Next up - chocolate postage stamp cookies.

This is CRAZY, though - I weighed myself last Thursday morning - 154.4 - wow, girl. I go to WW that evening (who the hell weighs themselves in the EVENING?) and guess what, I weighed 156.4. I was feeling a little hysterical for a minute but now I am okay - after a few days I am now happily back at 149.2 and SO COOL - I can eat whatever I want. I can eat a piece of bread. I can eat a few goldfish crackers. I can have a latte. I just need to count the damned points. I love it. Deprivation, be gone with you.

Seriously - I am happy about this development. Even happier that I finally was able to wear my gorgeous new True Religion jeans and look totally fab. Will look even more fab in about 10 pounds but you know, they look good right now. And I am happy as hell about that! And finally, most happiest as hell thing I can think of to top off this happy list is that I have only consumed about 12 points today (deadline stress can kill an appetite, you know) so I have enough points to have a truly satisfying dinner. Maybe I will even have TWO erasers.

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