Tuesday, March 25, 2008

HYC Check in / More Baby Talk

Still talking about the baby issue but now I've got some happy news. Talked with the husband again about it - we have decided to go ahead and start trying. So I've been waiting patiently for my period since last Tuesday but alas - there is no period.

This is very weird because my period has been like clockwork for the last few years. I have already taken a pregnancy test (okay, two) and I am not pregnant so what gives? Of course, I automatically begin thinking that I must have cancer or something - that, or I am beginning the "change" and now I won't be able to have anymore babies. Whatever - maybe I am just incredibly STRESSED OUT. It wouldn't be the first time that my period has stayed away on account of life drama.

So while I wait for the flow, I am going to keep busy losing this last 10. That was part of the deal with the husband - must stay on task while "trying" so that when I find out I am knocked up, I will be fabulously svelte and ready to gain it all back. Not really - I hope not to gain more than 40, which is about what I gained last time (but I STARTED at 180 - that was no good). Also, in other news that doesn't revolve around the size of my ass, my blood pressure is consistently excellent again. That is a big deal, because the BP is what caused me to have to have my son 4 weeks early so I hope to also keep the BP reasonable during any further pregnancies.

As for the weight loss, well - I've been hanging out here at 145. Didn't gain, didn't lose - just hanging. I do a lot exercise so I guess I make up for some of my eating indiscretions but it totally sucks to do that much hard exercise and not really see any result - other than a static number. OH well - I guess it aint going up, and that is good news. So that is all I really have to say today - going to make good choices for the remainder of this week and I am committing to GOING to Weight Watchers because I have skipped the meeting for the last two weeks. How high school - I didn't want to go and see a gain. Okay, so - Go Stephanie! You can do it! I am usually rooting for others so I thought perhaps today I would root for myself. Rah rah!!


Felicia said...

Happy Baby Making!!

Have a wonderful week!

Holly said...

Have fun trying for a baby! ;) It's great that you are starting out healthy! That should definetly make it easier :)

Cammy said...

From a fellow BP fighter, congratulations! That's a big NSV!

IrishGirl said...

I had BP problems with my last pregancy,Its pretty scarry!! Good luck with your last 10, I am working on my first ten (which is almost what my firstborn weighed & he was a week early!!)

barb michelen said...

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Simone said...

good luck

hehehehehe- I can't even find my scale and I have not tried very hard either - did not want to face it!

briy said...

Hi there!

I just wandered over from the HYC Mr. Linky. Good for you for cheering yourself on! It's so true... we find it more natural to encourage others, but I guess we need our own support just as much!

Good luck with baby-making! And congrats on your BP. :)

Take care!

Erin said...

Good luck TTC! And you know practice makes perfect! Lol

amma15 said...

145 is awesome, I wouldn't mind hanging around there but I guess we have goals to reach.

Anywy I've updated my blog after forever-tomorrow I'll post my official weigh in.

Claire said...

Man, you must be working hard at all that baby-making! No post in a month! :-)

Hope you are well!

amma15 said...

come on woman UPDATE! I've updated!