Tuesday, June 17, 2008

HYC Check In: Can't Complain!

Well, I'm sure I could come up with something to complain about but my title has to do with the fact that I am just not feeling very disgruntled or unhappy right now - what a shocker! I saw my headshrinker this morning and he said that I appeared to be doing very good. Well hey - thanks! I'm sure it has a lot to do with the fact that I am being good to myself, eating all kinds of fruits and vegetables and working out to Turbo Jam into the wee hours of the night. Last night it was 9:30PM and all I wanted to do was drag my ass into bed but NO - instead, I dragged my ass downstairs and did 43 minutes of high-intensity cardio. THEN I had a WW ice cream and went to bed. Now that is the way to end a day.

I had lost 2 pounds when I weighed in on Saturday, so I am at 148, officially. I'm trying not to weigh in at all on my own scale and just stick to what I see at WW. I find that I am incredibly disciplined during the week with food and exercise but then, well - Saturday and Sunday get a little hairy and I have not TRACKED during those days for the last two weeks. Still, I've lost 3.2 since getting back to business at WW so - just think of what I could do if I actually kept track of stuff on the weekends! Perhaps that will be a goal this weekend - or perhaps not. Today I am not feeling especially pressured to lose it fast - tomorrow I could feel totally different!

I think we have finally found a new house to rent, as the one that we are currently living in is being sold. We were going to buy but I tell you those lenders are tight as HELL right now and we couldn't get approved for what we want so - we are just going to rent again. Nice thing is, we found a gorgeous, brand new house for rent so - that's fine with me! I really don't mind renting, despite all of the hype about home ownership being the shit and all. I've owned two homes and neither one of them really did me any good! We will buy eventually but for now... it's rent city. And in keeping with my current laid back attitude, that's cool... But this all means I will be having to pack up all my crap within the next month. Ugh.

Hope everyone is doing great at HYC!


Irish Mom said...

2 pounds is awesome!!
Just think of all that packing as exercise. You'll be nice and strong afterwards.... only to start unpacking!!

Lainie said...

Congrats on the weight loss and the house!

Slenderella said...

Hurray on two pounds gone. I see your bling for 50 pounds gone, that's AWESOME!

Great job with exercising to Turbo Jam. That DVD kicks my butt. I need more energy to try it again.

thefatsideofme said...

Congrats on teh loss.. I too tend to not track as much on the weekends. I do allow myself 1 day a week (normally fridays after weigh in) to not worry about it as long as I dont go overboard.
You are doing great. I wish I could stay off the scale during the week but i'm addicted to weighing. I often get nervous before weigh in and hope like heck that the scale at ww says what the one at home does.. its normally with in a few ounces..

Cammy said...

Well done on the loss! You must be doing something right on the weekends! :)

The good thing about renting is that you can call someone when something breaks without worrying about how to pay for it to be repaired. *G*

amma15 said...

Hey girly I've beenslacking with the blog but I've updated. I now lost over 45 lbs. You're doing so great..you've come such a long way and your success is oneof my inspirations.