Monday, October 13, 2008

Stop the Insanity!! (Isn't that a Diet, too?)

I've hit a wall of sorts, it seems. In my quest to lose this last bit of weight, I have allowed myself to become, shall we say, COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY OVERWHELMED by the absolute glut of diet and exercise information floating around the Internet and elsewhere. I am so confused at this point that I have reached the critical and dangerous state of analysis paralysis. Bottom line, I don't have a clue what to do anymore.

How to eat, how to EAT, for GOD's SAKE?? Do I go low carb? Low fat? Restrict calories? Count points? Combine certain foods? Do a liquid diet? Eat only grapefruits and tabasco sauce? Or was it oranges and maple syrup? Sugar Busters? Low Glycemic? Protein Power? South Beach? Atkins? Jenny? Nutrisystem? Medifast? And then, do I take supplements? Vitamins? Diet pills? Fat melters? Carb blockers? Hoodia? (That word always seems a little dirty to me, as in "keep your hands off my hoodia, bro" or something to that effect). Do I go vegetarian? How about the caveman diet? What about a lacto-ovo vegetarian? Or a vegan? Or (this was a new one for me) a "flexitarian"? (I guess this is someone who eats fish and chicken but still considers themselves to be a member of the vegetarian group - yeah, I don't get it, either). I mean, how does one decide how to eat amidst so many competing theories and lifestyles and, let's face it, DIETS? I can't do it - I am at a loss.

And then what about exercise? Do I do an hour of cardio at medium intensity? Do I do bursts of high intensity work with little bouts of rest in between? Do I jog? Power walk or just regular walk? Lift weights? Do pushups? Do sit ups? Crunches? Taebo? The Firm? Turbo Jam? Hip Hop Abs? P-90 X? Jillian Michaels? Reebok Step? (Who remembers THAT bad ass video with the high stepping aerobic goddesses wearing feathers and puka shells?) Walk Away the Pounds? Richard Simmons? Debbie Siebers? The Ab Blaster? Treadmill or stairmaster? Elliptical or ski machine? Get a trainer or do it myself? Go to the gym or do it at home? ARGH!

My brain has simply reached bursting point - I am SICK of all the f-ing options. Everytime I think, "okay, I think I've found something that will work for me," I get started for a bit, then I read something about how THIS is the way to do it, THIS is the way to eat and I change things up, only to get derailed again in a few weeks by MORE information.

So with all of this complaining, you probably think I don't have a solution. Well, I have some idea of a possible solution. I am going to start at square one, I think, and ask myself - What do I LIKE to eat? What do I LIKE to do for exercise? (Sitting on couch and lifting chips to mouth does not count here). My intentions for this week include making a list of the foods that I really enjoy - and it will include "good" and "bad" foods, but without those labels. I will also make a list of the exercise stuff I enjoy doing. You know, I've found that there actually ARE exercise things I like doing - that's pretty amazing for a lazy chick like me who got F's in P.E. One of my favorite things lately is jumping rope - who knew?

In any event, this is where I am this week. I don't know what I weigh and frankly, I am not worried about it right now. I am going to try to simply make good food choices this week based on the things I like and follow suit with the exercise. It's an experiment for me, and requires that I let go of the outcome. I will report on my findings.


amma15 said...

Wow I definitely know how that feels. I talk to someone whose lost a lot of weight recently and they say focus on the carbs, my trainer says focus on the portions, my new friend whose lost about 50 pounds just counts calories. Then there's the just workout people, then there's no it's really all food.

The final conclusion I've come up with-especially after having tried every fad eating and exercise plan out there, is if you can stay committed and consistent to WHATEVER, you're going to succeed.

Lynn said...

Yeah, there is a lot - too much - information out there. And a lot of it is contradictory. I keep meaning to write my own post about just one thing: water. >.< it's unbelievable how crazy trying to eat "right" is...

Claire said...

I've been there. I've now narrowed the diet down to lowering carbs (No Sugar, No Flour Diet, via Dr. Gott), and upping the fruits and veggies. I also recently read "The G.I. (Glycemic Index) Diet" by Rick Gallop, and between that and the other one, I have a plan. I've lost about 9 pounds in the past month, so something must be working.

The exercise thing? Now, that's where I have a LONG way to go.

Lyn said...

There are SO many choices out there, for sure. It's easier to stick with something you like. Which is why someone needs to come up with a cupcake-and-tv-watching diet. :)

Jan said...

I do four things. I journal my foods and try to keep myself on track with calories, fat, protein. I'm trying not to deprive myself, but to keep thinks from getting crazy.

I have chosen the "eat less, move more" path as my own. I don't go too low on food though, or I will give it all up.

I do 30 minutes of cardio every day on the treadmill or on my bike. I lift weights every other day and do some push ups and sit ups. Time will tell if it works.

I used to do yoga, but am not doing that right now. It can be frustrating and that MUFA diet blew me off course for about two months. I try not to look at those things. Just pick your own path and then stop looking. You'll know if time if it make sense.

tisha85 said...

This post spoke to me. LOUDLY. To answer your post title question. Yes! Stop the Insanity was a diet 'program' that I actually bought into. Yep. I was a ginormous Susan Powter fan. She's still around doing her thang, so I'm told. I'm actually contemplating my own path right now. It's just not clicking with me. Perhaps it's my mindset and not necessarily the program I've chosen. Must ponder some more.