Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Evening Madness...Thoughts on Food and Toddlers

I always get really "munchy" when we get home from work. It doesn't matter if I am not actually hungry - I just have the urge to graze on whatever happens to be on hand. I think it is just the combination of being tired, relieved to be home and comfortable, the stress of a three year old (his latest thing is "I HATE you, Mama...Go 'way!") and just trying to figure out what to do for the next several hours other than eating several pounds of food.

I am reading novels - that is somewhat helpful but I don't like reading until the kid is in bed - I just can't justify ignoring him for the little bit of time I get to see him in the evening. Well, actually, I CAN justify it, at least for 10 or 15 minutes, especially on the nights when I put him to bed and end up spending almost two hours trying to get him to shut his little pie hole and go to sleep.

The issues of disciplining a three year old are so...confusing (now that we're on the subject). I've definitely discovered that trying to yell louder than him or whacking his bottom isn't terribly effective. Sticking my tongue out back at him isn't so helpful, either. I mean, seriously, I do not lie when I say that I have done these things - I get so damned childish sometimes I can't believe I am almost 40!! If anyone has any suggestions for learning good discipline skills, I would love to hear them (c'mon, Missie, my only occasional guest - you must know of SOMETHING I can do). My mother-in-law recommended Dr. Dobson and I've looked a little at a book called Positive Discipline - Man, I need something FAST. Before I lose my mind!

Um, so - back to my original complaint - tonight I budgeted points for a snack and a WW ice cream - that is the best bet, really, to PLAN for the snacking and just eat a little less during the day. I like the new WW deal of using the weekly points first and then moving to the AP's. Ultimately, I will end up using less points because I won't be tempted to "blow" my 35 on a bingey day (like a Saturday, where I eat "what I want" and likely inhale at least 135 points, not 35) and then use the AP's on a daily basis during the week. We'll see how it works.

I am down today to 159.8. It is good to be back in the 150's, despite the fact that it's only by .2. I started at 163.6 so - I guess I've lost my water now! Am going skiing this weekend and hopefully next weekend so yay - those are 1000 calorie burn days so I should lose some pounds over the next couple of weeks, for sure. Good - I need to fit back into all of my pants and throw away these ugly old mom jeans I bought to "hold me over." Straight into the maternity box with you, I say!


Lyn said...

Hey... I have five kids. My youngest is 3! I hear ya!

Time out works. It really does, if done correctly. If you have never watched Supernanny, watch a few episodes and see just how she does time out. Fantastic and effective if you are consistent for a couple of days.

At first my daughter would NOT stay on the time out chair. I started with a timer for 1 minute. Set her on the chair. Walk away. Yes she got off, over and over, and I just kept sitting her back on (gently) and not speaking. Just set her down. After awhile they stay, you start the timer, and when it dings ask them to apologise and hug em. I worked up to the goal of 3 minutes (1 min per year of age).

I know they jump off and run the first few times but once they see you're going to stick with it calmly and not flip out, they just stay. And I had some wild little boys... boy did I :)

Missie said...

Hey, girl! Sorry for the long absence! I have been out of town and then busy working and am just now checking on my blog peeps.

What Lyn said...good.

A 3yo is an entirely freakish creature to which the dictates of nature and the material world do not apply. In other words, THREE can really stink. It is fantastic and wonderful and great, but also annoying, and troublesome and tiring and full of problems. And no, the answer is not to list your boy on eBay. Just sayin.

Whatever you choose to do, you must be consistent. No matter how easy it would be to give in. Maybe taking one favorite toy away every time he gets out of bed at night? And not returning them until the next night when he stays in bed? You have to find out whatever currency works with your kid. With my son, a raised voice worked wonders. He had the fear of me bigtime, in a good way. My daughter? hahahahaahhahhhaaaaa! I could put a bullhorn next to her ear and she wouldn't care.

Good luck to you my friend, and know that you are not alone. All mothers have to live through THREE. He will get older. It will get better. Trust me.

Missie said...

Um, excuse me? Stephanie? You need to post something. Just to let us all know you are still alive and well and being tortured by your toddler, mkay?

I am the Queen of Not Posting Regularly--however, I see you are trying to usurp my throne. For that, I will not stand, Little Serf.

So post already. Cuz I said.

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