Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Week 8 Insanity: Taking a Breather

I am well into week 8 of my Insanity workouts - next week is the LAST WEEK - yay! It's been hard - hard as HELL - but I am so proud of myself, just for getting my ass out of bed every day and doing it. I'm not 20 pounds lighter or anything but my body is definitely changing. I'm wearing a pair of jeans today that I could not wear 6 weeks ago so there.

Today, however, I did NOT get my ass out of bed. I am dog tired lately. My muscles are sore and achy and I just wanted to stay in the bed. For hours after I finally got up, I felt the urge to beat myself up about being lazy and unmotivated and almost ate a giant bowl of cereal without counting the calories...SCREEEEEECH! Stop right there, I said - What is this? Why am I feeling bad for taking ONE slight break, knowing that I am going to do my workout tonight, anyway? That is how married to routine I get - If I break it, I feel, just, wrong. Well, I got over that shit and am feeling happy and, guess what, motivated! Looking forward to tonight's workout and I know that I will feel better having let my muscles rest an additional 12 hours. Seriously, they needed it.

So I received my NEXT workout series - It's called ChaLEAN Extreme. It looks rockin - It is weight training so totally different than what I am doing right now. I am going to be ordering some Selectech weights for the occasion. I am, however, going to take a one week respite in between the end of Insanity and the beginning of CE to just do whatever I want. I will still get up and exercise in the morning but I will do a variety of different stuff - like Hip Hop Abs and Turbo Jam and maybe even that evil workout queen, Jillian Michaels will get to take a stab at me now that I have done Insanity.

That's all I have. Nothing amazing to report except that life is good and I feel happy. THAT is amazing, actually.


Missie said...

YOU GO, WONDER WOMAN! I am so proud of you! I may just go eat some more chocolate chips straight from the bag in your honor.

Missie said...

I finally updated my blog. Just fyi.

Missie said...

Either I am a dedicated blog-friend, or I am a stalker....

Just wanted to let you know I updated my blog. How are you doing on the insanity?

Missie said...

Stephanie, I am so sorry for your loss. Truly. Any time you want to talk or vent, feel free to email me at