Thursday, February 25, 2010

Coming Attractions...New Knee, New Diet...

I found out that my supposed torn meniscus was actually a completely torn ACL so shit, I am having surgery very soon to fix that. I hear that an ACL injury is actually better to have than meniscus injury so - I'm not complaining. I just didn't realize that I had really hurt myself like that. When the NP told me, I actually felt EMOTIONAL. Can you believe it? Crying about a torn ACL? What a sap. I guess I just felt sad that after 40 years of near perfect health (no broken bones, horrid diseases, etc) I had finally truly damaged my body. Funny, I didn't seem bothered when I was swilling vodka and eating pills - no damage in that, right?! Our own perception of reality is so... f-ed up sometimes!!!

So I also just committed myself to a new diet. OMG I have to do something. I am so fat again. How did it happen? Too much food and not enough exercise - same old shit. I am signed up for Medifast - We'll see how it goes. I do pretty well on diets that have very little variety and very few choices to make. I am making a firm commitment to it, though, for at least 12 weeks. My big box of "STUFF" should be here next week from them so I will be starting soon. I will do my best to chronicle my experience here but you know I am kind of lame about that.

Hope everyone is great. I will find out when my surgery is next week - eek! Not looking forward to it but I am looking forward to being able to walk again normally. That would be nice.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Well, I am still here...

Hi - sorry for the long absence. I've just been a bit, uh, well... depressed? Not into it? Busy? No explanation needed, really, but I just wanted to say that I am still alive and kicking. Had a miscarriage in October that really threw me for a loop - I gained 25 pounds so am now back to my lovely little butterball self. Not going to be hard on myself right now, however.

This past Sunday I fell while skiing and tore my meniscus. I don't know if it is going to require surgery or not - I will find out more next Tuesday when I go back to orthopedic folks. I am on crutches and that, my friends, SUCKS. I am a helpless blob, which I can't stand! But learning to ask for and accept help is good for me - at least that is what counselor says.

I've no time to really get into anything right now (supposed to be working and not doing a very good job of it) but I was just tired of seeing that September 2009 entry... Will be back for some good shit later. :-)

Hope everyone out there is doing okay!