Monday, March 8, 2010

And So I Begin Again...the Downward Trek (as in POUNDS!)

I started Medifast yesterday. Not so bad - the chicken noodle soup was actually GOOD. The bars were pretty good, albeit very small. But the oatmeal - yeah, Lyn over at Escape From Obesity is right about that crap. Ugh. Soymeal is more like it. Must figure out a way to improve that stuff. Or just eat the pudding instead, because that stuff rocked! Oh, and I lost 3 pounds overnight but I suppose that is to be expected after the first day of a diet, eating about half the calories I usually eat.

In other news, I will be having my surgery for my knee on Friday. I am actually HAPPY about that because I am tired of scuttling around like an injured crab. And also, just knowing that I am going to have to go through all of this shit all over again (another recovery after surgery) is downright annoying. So yes, I am happy that the surgery is sooner rather than later.

This week shouldn't be too bad for me. I finished a gigantic brief last week that was really weighing on my mind but it is filed and done and now I can focus on a few other matters that need my attention. And just prepare myself for surgery and getting my work life and home ready for it, too.

And, I know I don't talk about this very often because OMG, how would I feel if you people (who I don't even KNOW, really) actually knew who I really was, eeek! But I am just going to say it because I can't keep hiding who I am. Today is my seventeenth day of sobriety - I've been struggling for decades but the last year and a half has really been tough for me, not able to put together much more than a week at a time. It's alcohol, it's drugs, it's whatever I can get my damned hands on. Anything that numbs me to reality, really. So - there. Just wanted to share that little tidbit because I want to start chronicling my recovery-related issues here, too. I am happy today, feeling good, and doing the things I need to do for my recovery. Yay!

Now I'd better get to work and stop f-ing off. :-)

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Missie said...

Girlfriend....Wow! And I thought things were going crazy around my house! ;)

First, sorry about the surgery, but glad you are going to be on your way to better health soon.

Second, way to go on the diet, chickyfriend! I too have regained everything I've ever lost and then some. It's like a Cellulite Family Reunion on my butt and stomach. I will gladly help you stay on track if you do the same for me. I need someone to help kick my lazy bohonkus into gear!

Third, SEVENTEEN DAYS! WAY TO GO! GOOD FOR YOU! It is really one day at a time, isn't it? That's all you can bite off. Don't worry about tomorrow or next week or keeping up your streak. Just do today. One day. You can handle that. I am very proud of you for picking yourself back up and trying again. Lots of people would give up, but not Stephanie! She's kickin butt and takin names! Woot-woot!

If you want to email me privately, my add is I would be happy to let you vent or encourage you or whatever you need. ;) Also, look me up on Facebook---that's where lazy blog people go...