Friday, March 19, 2010

Recovery Daze

It has been a week since my surgery - I had it last Friday afternoon. This has been quite an ordeal, truly. I had been under the misguided assumption that this was going to be a fairly easy surgery and that I would be on my feet again within a couple of days and back to work by Monday. WRONG. This has sucked - I have been in a huge amount of pain, had a lot of nasty swelling and discomfort and I have been out of work for a full week, perched in a giant green rented recliner in my living room with little cooler unit pumping ice water through a tube over my throbbing knee.

We rented this recliner from "Rent-A-Center." Now, I've never rented anything from a place like RAC, but I know a lot of folks do it to basically acquire things that they really can't afford but with low monthly payments can "rent" to own them (translation - pay 5 times the actual cost). So we go into this place and first of all, I notice that the joint is hopping at 10 in the morning - I mean, there are a lot of people in the market to rent shit! I also realize that you can rent just about anything from RAC - it's not just furniture. It's huge flat screen TV's, it's computers, cameras, stereos - all kinds of stuff I'd never imagined you might rent.

So we arrive and find the guy my husband had spoken to by phone. We just wanted to rent a recliner for a few weeks so that I would have somewhere comfortable to sit and sleep while having my knee somewhat elevated. The guy presents us with this form that you would not believe - I mean, you would have thought we were getting a mortgage, they needed so much information. At first it was kind of funny but by the time I got to the part requiring 4 personal references, I was pissed off and started making shit up. I was scheduled to have surgery in an hour - I did not have time for this crap. I could go on and on but let's just say I got my recliner and it is a real beauty... a lovely shade of what my dad would call "calf shit green." Do you know, though, that those freaks actually called my dad in California and asked him if he had seen us recently, how stable he thought we were and if our business was successful? All this for a piece of junk Shopko recliner that I would have in my possession for 3 weeks ($60 bucks plus free delivery - can't beat that, can ya?!). I guess the usual RAC clientele must be a bit questionable...

Yeah, the whole surgery thing has thrown me off a bit. I am one of those people that bounces back fairly quickly from ailments - I am healthy and I usually heal quickly. I am generally NOT a pussy about pain, etc. but this - this has definitely been a different experience. I've never had a major injury or a major surgery (a boob job does not qualify for major surgery) and so this has set me back on my heels a little. It actually makes me more appreciative of being healthy and not having to have gone through this a number of times - and wow, what about people that get in awful accidents or suffer massive tramatic injury? How do they cope? Jeez, all I did was tear a ligament. I realize it could be way worse and I am grateful, truly, for the minimal nature of the problem when compared to others but still - it has been an ordeal for me and I trying to keep myself from feeling depressed. Getting out and about has been helpful - I can't wait to go to an AA meeting tomorrow morning and just hang with the chicks.

Well, my in-laws just pulled up so I need to put away the computer and socialize - I invited them here, after all!


Cammy said...

I've never rented anything either and had no clue they were so serious about it all.

Wishing you a speedy healing!

Anonymous said...

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Lyn said...

Hey there, how are you doing? I keep checking on you :)

Hope all is well.